Here are our Silkies.   If you'd like pictures of any of them, just let me know.  
Our roosters have loads of personality and pizazz!  Very rarely will you ever find an
unpleasant Silkie boy.  Check back often for pictures of the new babies growing up with
attitude.  Our Silkies come in:  White, Black, Blue, Splash, Partridge and Buff!
Occasionally we will have Lavender.
Marsali, Almost 3 months old here.
Check out all the cuties!!!   They have
big feet and cute toes! just hatched
Here is a baby picture of Dugal, my
Partridge cockerel.  
A batch of Buffs, Blacks, a Blue and a Splash
from the babies I'm raising this year.
This is Bumble.  He's named after the
Abonimable Snowman on Rudolf the Red
Nose Reindeer.  He's 5 mo old here.
You should see him now!
Merlin was one of the
showiest of all my
Silkies.  He spins, he
twirls, he talks up a
storm!  He's the
bomb!  He's about 4
or 5 months here!
(just about to crow)
Only Towmater has
matched his
Tis the season!!!!
The White beauty by the feed dish is one of the first girls of
the 2006 season.
Check out the little Whites and Splash that hatched Feb
7th. I'm in Silkie chick heaven!
"Stand up straight!!!  She's got the camera again!!"
"What is she doing with all these pictures!"
Silkies by Indigo Egg!
cute!  It exploded from there.
I kept Alan's flock for a while
until he could find another flock
tender, raising chicks for him.
He would come a few times a
every bird on the place!  Pretty
soon we were picking the same
favorites.  Thanks Alan and
Alice!!  It has been a fun time.  I
truly appreciate the friendships
and knowledge I've gained from
my Silkie experience.   
Grape Juice on her.  Her other hen (from
me!) won Grand Champion because of
it.  see pic below...
egg) and Willie (Towmater I
received an email from her that
acre field.  She says, "I can not
belive how much I have fallen in
love with my Silkies."
Wallie makes nests for Willie
and they love to hunt bugs while
she's planting flowers.
Thanks for the emails,
Rebecca, and stories of a happy
little chicken family,
Talk about a
badunkadunk butt!
Here is a blue boy
that Julie Bachelor
got from me.  I
power outage
where they
had to set the
eggs in the
into their
window for a
wow!  They
still hatched!!!
So are their
curls and
Carina of Chikadee.
my eggs...
both right and left.
Pictures are always
SO appreciated!!
Grand Champion!
Viola and Mickey when they
were small.  
Every Silkie has a purpose in life... Don't you
love the peep peeking out of Sugar's wing?
Here is a space for anyone that sends pictures!!  
I get stories of cute personalities and Show wins all
the time, but I like to put a picture with it!  
George Mihalik in 2008!!
Bumble sons hatched 2008
his first show!!
CA with Natalie
Redding now.
amazing feet feathering.
RASCAL, a Partridge Rooster winning BV at
a Nat'l when he was young.  He's a huge
ball of fluff now!! Kristy loaned him to me
Khalid, in Kuwait, says I
have made him the envy
of all his friends!  
Here are some Towmater babies with a
Mom that's a sister to FurGusJr.
pullet in the Junior Show
Reserve Champion of Show in the Open Show
Wisconsin State Fair
Junior Show
Grand Champion Silkie - Pullet
Reserve Champion Silkie - Cockerel
Grand Champion Featherlegged - Pullet
Grand Champion Bantam - Pullet
Best of Show Poultry Show - Pullet
Open Poultry Show
Reserve Champion Silkie - Cockerel
Grand Champion Featherlegged - Pullet
Reserve Champion Featherlegged - Cockerel
Reserve Champion Bantam - Pullet
We have lots of people asking for birds now.  We
always give you the
credit for starting us off.  Thanks so MUCH!!
Lou Warpinski - August 2008
Thanks for sharing the news and
picturesYour girls did a great job
Keep having fun!!
Nemo babies at 5 mo old
2008 Blue chick hatch
Here are 4 of Popeye's sons from 5 to 6
1/2 months of age, hatched in 2008.  
Now they are huge balls of fluff!!
The 4th one is Hercules top left of this
page... click and hear him crow!
My  Nemo
EJ, a beautiful
hen that won Ch
FL a few times.  
Tallulah: Eeyore-Smokie
girl Whitehead
English Cockers
This guy is with Niki Kinder
Creature:  A Connor boy
now with Niki Kinder
I have several 2, 3 and
4 mo olds available.
Email for details....
Whiskey, above,
has a very vibrant
personality!  He
went to live with
Matt Kotowski 9/09
Creature/Tallulah girl
Pyro in Sept '09
Magic-RB at his first show
Towmater passed away in
2008.  I still miss him dearly!
handsome boy,
Lovely ladies hatched from HatTrick eggs
Christy took the
Cute Splash boy
coloring owned by
Christy by
Whitehead.  Christy
took the wedding
Whitehead.  Christy
took the Cute
Splash boy coloring
owned by Christy by
Whitehead.  Christy
took the wedding
pictures to the left
as well.  I can't wait
to  I can't wait to
haul a bunch of
haul a bunch of
cuties to her cuties
to her studio!!!  The
studio!!!  The
Splash boy is
Splash boy is one
she got from me as
a chick.
So cute!
Here is a chick just hatched June 2010 by Jess of
Alec!! 2nd in showmanship and best Splash at Virginia Poultry Breeders show.  He did a great job with his Splash girl!!
Let's check it out and support their efforts.
Click here to see & hear Hercules crowing!
He's about 6 months old