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call 813-230-4499 (CELL) and leave a
message if we're not available.
I do get text too Thanks!!
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does all the chores!
All of my breeder birds are show quality.  
All the chicks will not be, but I make sure they have no DQs before I ship unless you want pets.
Chicks are $20.00 each at 1 month of age.  Over 1 month they are $25.00.
Single stall shipping boxes are running $10.00 each with bio-secure filters.
Shipping  & box for 6 to 10 chicks that are three to four weeks old is about $75.00 depending on your ZIP Code.
Eggs are $55.00 a dozen ...  $95.00 for 2 dozen plus $25 priority shipping anywhere in the USA

Please let me know if there is a time you will NOT be there to receive your birds such as on vacation or out of town.  
I may not be able to ship if it is above 80 degrees or below 40 degrees at either end.  However, if the birds fly out at night and are
going to places where they won't be trucked for long distances, I have been able to ship in hotter or colder weather.  
In very hot or cold weather here, I will drive them to the airport post office just before they are due to take flight.  
You also have the option to call the express mail office or air dock at the airport
post office they will fly into, to hold them for pick
up there if you aren't too far away.  I include a can of corn or sliced apple for food and moisture in the box.
Don't hesitate to text or call me if you have a question about shipping.

Started chicks over 2 months $25.00, 3 months are $45.00, 4 mo are $55.00, 5 mo are $65.00, 6 mo are $75.00
and are $85.00 at breeding age.   Please double check.  My cell is 813-230-4499 and my site is old. :)
Show winning
adults and Exceptional birds may be more, but I normally got by my set prices.  They are all beautiful.
Sometimes there are sales when  I don't have a couple spare coops and don't have time to advertise.
Breeder quality and Pets may be sold at a lower price.
I try to be as fair as possible with pricing.
I do this as a hobby, but I think everyone should have a chicken or three or more!
Chicks are mostly hatched to fill orders (and for me), so order early if you would like a certain age.
My paypal address is (please include 3% for paypal fee if applicable)
or you can mail a check or money order to Bobbi Porto, 1542 Piermaj Ln, Lutz, FL 33549-5744
Please include your address, ph# for the box, what you want (eggs, chicks, color, age) and any other important
information so I'll have it all in one place to record in "The Book".

You get my knowledge with my chicks.  I will help you with anything you need to know or find out for you if I don't know.  
There is a chicken care summary page on this site that has a phone number to a chicken doctor and his web site!
We love our chicks and want them to have the best life possible.
Give us a call or email.  We love to talk chicken.
Return/Refund policy:  All sales are final.  I do not take back birds for bio-security reasons.  Replacements are sent by mutual
agreement.   I try to be as fair as possible.  I cannot refund postage. Raising Silkies and Orpingtons is a labor of love.  I would
rather not sell to anyone that does not love them.
Eggs have no guarantee. If you want a sure thing, you need to order chicks. I cannot control how they are handled in shipment and I
have no control over how many will hatch.  I can tell you that most times there will be chicks.  I make sure all my coops have fertile
eggs coming from them before I sell eggs.  I keep them all happy and healthy and I hatch
many during the year :).  Live chicks are
your best bet.  They almost always get there overnight or within 36 hours at the latest.  The PO does not insure chicks because
they hand them off to FedEx, but they do guarantee a postage refund if they don't make it in time.
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Please TEXT for more information.  813-230-4499
We have been known to meet people if we are traveling in their direction.  
We attend dog shows and chicken shows occasionally, when time permits.
Thanks for viewing our site!!!

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"When will our consciences grow so tender, that we will act to prevent human misery, rather than avenge it?" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
I accept a check or money order to:
Sal & Bobbi Porto
1542 Piermaj Ln
Lutz, FL 33549-5744
Or you can send payment through (add 3% for fee) to my
paypal address
Put your address and phone # for the
box... with your payment... and please
put what you are ordering (eggs,
chicks, age, colors, breed)  Thanks!!
Ann Ray, Vickie Harry and me at
the Newnan, GA show in 2013
Why did the chicken cross the road
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