One week old
First born 8oz girl
There were 5, but a 14 oz b/w boy did not
make it out in time to breathe.  Sass hid, she
was so tired and probably knew she'd lost him.
The first girl popped out without a placenta at 2am.  At 4am I woke from a slight doze to find
an 11 1/2 oz b/w boy!  I gave Sass some ice cream and she regurgitated... Ice cream and
green.. ew... She may have eaten the first two placentas.  6am came the nose of another.. I
had to stretch her skin around the head and pull to get it out! 12 1/2 oz b/w boy... at 7:30 am
she was lying on a pillow outside the box exhausted... slight pushes... then she stopped... at
8:30 she got on the bed and hid under the covers, first sitting then in a heap... I think she
knew she lost the 4th puppy.  I called Penny and she said she was trying to shut down and to
take her outside, so I did and when she came back in she had him.  He was still inside the sac
with the placenta. A beautiful 14 oz b/w boy.  I worked 15 minutes and Sass looked up at me
with huge eyes and when I shook my head no, she went back to her babies and laid her head
down, eyes closed and mourned... Not until 10am when the last pup was coming did she
stir...  She picked up her head, jumped out of the box, and with an incredible effort she was
able to get the last one partially out.  I broke the sac and there were legs!  I dried it's butt and
pulled on the skin and Viola! an 11 1/2 oz orange girl was born last with two placentas.
The birth on 10/15/12 - Don't read if you are squeamish.
2nd puppy,, 3:55 am 11 1/2 oz!!
3rd 6am boy
10am 10/15/12
2 orange girls
2 black & white boys
Sass is an incredible Mom.  She watches over them
and cleans them constantly. They are gaining from 1
to 3 oz a day!!  We have not been able to let the
others in our bedroom without Sass giving them a
low rumble and blocking them from the box.  

Finally on day 9, she allowed Beau to sleep in the
room.  As big of a chow hound as he is, he didn't
even think about checking out her bowl of food by
the box.  We have such great dogs.  

The pups, Ruffian and Chloe are sleeping in their
respective 3 X 3 puppy pens in the living room.  
Chloe cries for me at the door when Sal lets her out
in the morning.  My little alarm clock... with no
snooze button.

At 1 week they were all officially at least pound
puppies, with the biggest being 24 oz!
Sass taking a nap.  She is getting her beauty rest.
Two weeks old
10-31-12 video of the puppies and Sass
Make sure you click on my name under
the video when you get to youtube, so
you can see the other videos of the
4 1/2 weeks
3 weeks
Before and after shots of their first groomin at 5 weeks