New Horses!!
Sal & Bobbi Porto Horses!!
April'09 by Rumba of Pine View Ranch.  These pictures were taken in
August'09 at the Ocala pasture where we first saw them.  I originally went to
look at a Paint mare.  Sal told me to go ahead and get that Paint mare if I
reeeeeally wanted her. :)  I ended up liking these two, so I got him one too.  
Sadie, registered name "Silver Cow Hand" had a little Buckskin filly in They
knew each other and you can't just keep one horse!  On the way home I told
Sal I didn't get the Paint.  He sighed relief.  Then I told him I got 2, I
cherished... Katie.. My sister,
Marsha standing in front.  1969
Riding Club, rode every horse the
public could not ride.  We had
campouts, hayrides, initiations,
dances and it was one of the best
times in my life.
My first horse I bought myself in 1981 at 8 days
old.  She was a Quarter Horse I named Skip's
Naughty Babe by Skipaton out of Sue's Sugar
she turned around and looked at me and then
did whatever I asked her to.  
She was also priceless!!
She is pictured at 2 years old with my sister,
Sal thinks he has that forgetful disease.
Aug '09 - Now Sal and I have horses!!   
horse.  Every now and then he will say,
Aug '09 - Now Sal and I have horses!!  
"Who are you?" LOL!  But he needed
one!! His horse, Bunnie, loves him.
Bunnie is originally from Colorado and has frost-bit ears.  Her registered
name is "Magenta Skiparray".  She could be the poster girl fro the AQHA.
She rounds up my boy goat and makes him scratch her.
Here is Sadie looking in at me.  She rubbed
her butt on this window the first week and
new window and no screen!
Here they are helping Sal put up a fake hotwire.  
They are both very curious and sweet.
Sadie is looking at me through my
sunroom windows waiting for a dinner.
If I'm slow she comes right up to the glass.
12-09 - Sadie did it again.  She wasn't scratching
tried to fit her 3' butt under the 18" eve to get out of
Sal hollered, Sadie ran to her other shelter nickering
all the way and I had to tell Sal AGAIN to please get
As he was playing with the black garbage bags and
take care of it. LOL!  And I thought
I was bad before
coffee. tee hee

Here are the monsters a couple days later.  I've
ordered extra thick tempered glass.  I love to have
them hanging out with me when I'm on the
computer... just inside this window. :)

I keep telling Sal that just because my horse did it
first, doesn't mean she did it this time!  It might have
been his...