"Sass stole my toy.  Can I call
her names?" asks Ruffian.
Me showing Sassy as
a puppy :)
2012 was a busy year for us.  Mom
passed away Dec 4th 2011, so we had to
get through that and the cleaning and
sale of her house and belongings.  A
house I had known since I was 2 1/2 years
old.  My home on Lake Keen in Lutz.  
A very nice family purchased it and will
make the place a home again.  We did
have to catch a opossum that was living in
the attic.

Sal came up with the great idea that I
needed a puppy to help me through... so
we got Ruffian.  The cutest face on the
planet.  He named her and decided to
show her so...

Two months later we got Chloe... What a
little show dog she turned out to be.  I put
two majors on her myself!! One in
Brooksville and one in Ocala.  SO

Two months after that we bred Sass to
Monty since Sass was almost 5 years
old...and on Oct 15th from 1am to 9:30am
Sassy had 4 beautiful puppies!!!  After
being up all night I had to go close on
Mom's house at 11am!!  I just said, "Do
you have coffee and can you just tell me
where to sign?"

When you have puppies, nothing else
matters, so the year was full of puppies.
We had a wonderful time at the Eukanuba
Classic.  We manned the English Cocker
booth and had the most visitors because
we had puppies.  Po was the biggest ham
and self stacked.  I took the 3 girls around
the building side by side in front of me.  
Such cuties.

The first puppy to leave was Little O, now
known as Peanut.  She went to live in
Jupiter, FL.  She goes for walks on the
beach and rides around in a golf cart.

Next Buddy, now known as Eric
"Rapscallion Devil in Disguise" went to
Cheyenne.  I met her in Columbia, SC to
hand him over.  I took mama Sassy on the
trip with me.

Then Po left with Karen.  Po, now known
as Rocket "Rapscallion Rocket Science"
was the fattest puppy at birth and I was
going to register him as "Rapscallion
Legends of Awesomeness" but as it was, I
cried my eyes out when he left because
he was 3 months old.  Well... I cried the
worst when he left.  It's so hard to part
with family... but now I have more family...
the puppy owners.

"Rapscallion Sweet As Pumpkin Pie" is still
with us and we are starting an agility class
with her and Ruffie real soon!!
Sassy had beginners luck too.  At the very first
show I took her to as a puppy she won "Best of
Opposite"!!  I asked Penny, "Who did we
beat!?" and she rolled her eyes and said,
"Everyone" LOL  Sassy's show career was
great until she came in season and blew her
coat... and we had to groom her.  We aren't
that good at grooming, so we will probably
switch to agility and obedience... Sounds like a
lot of fun... so stay tuned!!
A visit back home!!!!!
August 2013 Peanut
At the Eukanuba Classic in Orlando Dec 2012
Peanut going to
her new home.
Cheyenne & Eric
Rapscallion Devil in
Rapscallion Rocket Science.
Rocket is 9 months
here.  We kept him
for a little while for
Karen.  He is in
Colorado and they
are coming back to
Cocoa Beach, FL to
live in Jan 2014.  
Looking forward to it.
Chloe Rsv in Tampa.  We are growing her hair back :)
Sassy showing too... and we took Beau as well, even
though they weren't in condition, but it was fun!
Pie sits on her butt LOL
Gotta post a video of them playing with
this... 10 squeaky sqirrels that come out..
Pumpkin Pie ready for bed.
This is Little O, aka
weeks.  Can't you
just tell she is going
to be a handfull!!