Silkies available
by hatch date:
All show potential unless (pet)
I only ship 4 week olds and up
text for pictures

Oct 4th: 4 mo old
Crele Naked Neck boy & a
Partridge girl to go with or any other color.

going to check sexes and list more later
Oct 30th: 3 1/2 mo
1 boy from Porcelain coop with red spots free
with any other boy or girl- ask what colors

I have a little red partridge girl in that coop that I
don't need that can go with him...  :)
Nov 14th: 3 mo
6 White
Dec 3rd: 2 mo
1 White NN boy
Dec 7th-12th: 2 mo
1 Bue NN
4 White
2 Partridge
1 White NN
1 Black
Jan 10th: 1 mo
3 Black NN
1 Blue NN
2 White
5 White NN
5 from Crele (pending)
Jan 23rd:
5 Naked Necks from Crele
White, Red, Blue, Cuckoo, Black (pending)

Jan 28th:
2 Blue
2 Black NN
Feb 6th:

Next hatches Feb 19th & 29th

I need to downsize my young flock too.
It may be easier to tell me what you want
and I will find them.
Check my "How to Purchase" page
I may have more than I have listed
Please ask if you don't see
what you want :)
I list less than I have in case
I've sold some or want to watch
grow a bit longer.
I will try to get back to you asap.  Thanks for
your patience!!!!

OR... My friend, Liz, will transport them
for you if she gets enough orders to make
her trip worth her gas.
How To Purchase page has prices for one

Check my timeline on Facebook
for Liz's next trek
She is going to Newnan GA 2/14

I can ship when weather permits.
Double barred Chocolate Cuckoo,
Count Chocula with a Buff, Crele and a
Chocolate cuckoo girl
and his grandson
Lemonhead (Lemon
cuckoo with a chocolate cuckoo tail) with
2 Crele and 2 Chocolate cuckoo-
my gorgeous pets :) .. fed organic for

White coops:
Ghost with 3 White, 3 White Naked Necks
Hooligan with 4 White
Dandy with 5 White
Tango with a white and Porcelain
(young, not laying, by a porcelain coop)
Hook (young) (sold, waiting for good weather)

Porcelain (aka Blue Cream),
Toruk (Porcelain with a bit of gray)
with 2 Porcelain
Godzilla (Porcelain, heavy lavender)
with 3 Porcelain

Blue & Splash coops:
Tiger Black/Lav with 2 Splash, 1 Blue, 2 Black
Monster (Splash) new with 2 Blue, 3 Splash

Black coops:
Luke, Black with 5 Black
Coal:  Black with 5 Black
Raptor, Black with 1
Blue NN & 2 Black NN

Johnny Bravo with 3 Buff girls

Partridge coops:
Buzz with 4 girls

Cuckoo coops:
Charlie, Cuckoo with 4 Cuckoo
Squeeze (Lemon Cuckoo) with 1 Buff
& 2
Buff NN

Red & Crele coops:
Blaze (Red) with 2 Red girls (new)
Tabasco (Red) with 3 Partridge
NN (from red)

Pyro (red) w/1 Crele & 3 Crele
NN & Lady M
Star Lord (Crele) with 3 Red
Naked Necks
& 2 Red

working on Red Cuckoo and
Lemon Cuckoo!!!!
Other pages:

How To Purchase:  Payment information and how to figure shipping
cost.. These are based on a full box.  I can refund any over payment on

Contact: (more info on shipping and egg prices in the reading
Chicks to Adults:
1 day - 2 weeks...$15 pick up only
2 weeks - 1 month...$20
over 1 month...$25
2 mo....$30-35
3 mo....$45-50
4 mo....$55-60
5 mo....$65-70
6 mo....$75-80
7 mo+..$85...

Show winners may be more
Pet quality is less
Pet chicks are free with a nice one.
All chicks are sold straight run (unsexed).

When I can tell the sex, they are sold in
boy/girl pairs until all my extra boys
have good homes. Pullets alone are
twice the price when available.

Eggs are $55 per dozen or
$95 for two dozen
plus shipping ($20-$25)
USA and territories only

I cannot ship Silkies if the weather does not
permit it, but I will check weather
every Monday until I can :)
Available is updated as of 2/8/2020...10am Videos
on Bobbi Porto Facebook and will upload to
youtube periodically
War Eagle
DRAX & other Crele Orpingtons to Holly
Count Chocula
I will be offering EGGS for sale
from all of the coops below.
My Email is BlueEggChick@aol.com
My cell is 813-230-4499
Please leave a message as we may be
outside with all the critters :)
NN = Naked Neck
All below are Silkies if not orpingtons
The high temperatures there, Memphis
and here at 7pm need to be below 85
and lows above freezing on Tuesdays
and Wednesdays, the days I ship.
OR my friend who transports can deliver
I can refund any overpayment of shipping or
if you change your mind.  No problem.  Just
ask... Don't open a case with PayPal.  
It takes longer to get your money back
because they have to review it.
It is instant if I just hit refund.
On my How To Purchase page
See zone chart and find the first 3 numbers
of your zipcode.
I have a lot of animals to take care of and they
come first.  Sorry about being behind on
responses! :)
Red YouTube Page
Blue YouTube Page
Me and
Puff in
Two boy house chickens
My buddy, Shorty, and my PomPom bottom right on the
banner.  Thanks for taking this Barbara!!
Hannah's boy :)
I may list AUCTIONS on here from time to time.
As always I usually have a few more than listed... so
"How to Purchase" page for shipping
information and also my Contact page for even
more info on eggs
She plasters
her head
against the
cage to see
with Bree
Therapy Silkie