October & November 2011 News
Day 8 and looking great!  This little Scrooge chick was
hatched early by its owner and survived a near
drowning, but is here to tell the tale.  Welcome!!
Gina, Sassy and friends have had a great time showing!!!  Congrats!!!  Great work!!
Chicks hatched in France this year by Bibi Billion
She calls them her Yankees too!!
These were hatched from
my eggs by Sigrid Van
Dort in Holland!!  She calls
them her Yankees.  Well,
all except the little showgirl
below are from the USA.
How exciting to have
Silkies all over the world!!  
One day I may visit them
all. LOL!
I don't have pictures yet, but Conall
Megan in Ireland has hatched a few of
mine too... and guess what?  He calls
them his Yankees... :)
Mrs Fancy Potato Salad
Nitro & Athena
Here they are with their diapers on!!
We had the pleasure of delivering a couple cuties to
the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary where we got to
meet several extraordinary monkey friends!!
We got a tour of the place... met Chetah the Chimp
from the original Tarzan movies.  He is 83!!! and a
90 year old Spider monkey who had been there 30
years... A baboon and a monkey like the one that's
loose and no one can catch in our area... And had a
grand time visiting with some tiny marmosets until
their owner fell in love with both Silkies... I just
couldn't leave her with only one.  
Dell's cute poultry house
Hatched by Elizabeth that owns Humbug
Thanks Cheyenne!!  Love the pics!!
Just got these pictures from a new Silkie lover!!  I have
horses, but this makes me want a cow too!!