Indigo Egg! News Oct 09 And On...
A few wins in Oct 09 at the Lebanon
Junior Show in Indiana for Megan
Mayall and her Silkies she got from
Alan Stanford. RV for her Blue hen.
The Splash cockerel got Rsv Breed
and Blue cockerel won Best of
Breed!! Great job!! Way to go Megan!!
Cool things are
going on! Jessie's
Silkie Project
Vickie Harry of
Sunshine Silkies and
that she
purchased as a chick
of show in
Oct 2009
She said, "Can you tell
I'm happy!?"
Taffy, a Connor
daughter and her
trophy.  I'm so proud of
them!  Vickie also won
a 1st place or BV with
her Popeye daughter,
Another win for Mary Henderson
and Tallulah
.  This time, Ch
! That's awesome for
a Splash.  The judge said she
had beautiful wings and that Ch
FL was usually given to White
Silkies, but Tallulah is special!
Tallulah's ribbon Oct 2009
Captain Underpants' daughter, Darlin, shows well for Gilda!!
Here is Gilda Goodwin's Poppy in Ohio
(left) and winning at Sussex to the
right!!  Great job you two!!
Samantha Saldano and her Black
rooster.  In Sept '09 she wrote: "My
rooster did very well this year.
BOB and
Rsv Grand Champion
, but he had a
setback and got wry neck"
Oct '09 she wrote:  "Dear Ms Bobbi,  
Thanks so much for your advice on
crookneck.  Mr Cluckers survived!  The
trio you picked out for me are wonderful!  
I take them out and they sit with me
while I read or just sit with me.  
Sometimes I hold them like babies.  I'm
looking forward to getting more."
Great job on showing and caring for your
Silkie boy.  Thanks so much for the pictures!!
Poppy winning
RB at a
Maryland show
in Nov '09
Gilda said she
dunked her
head in her
water for the
picture. :)
I sold FurGus!! and this is his girlfriend reading the
standard .... She's very impressed with him, I'm sure!
Kylie Philipps winning
Best in Showmanship!!
and her birds both won
1st in their class
Best of Variety
Best of Breed
Reserve CH Featherleg!
with both her Splash and
White Silkies
at the Inverness, FL
double show
Way to go!!
Great job!!
(Ms Valerie Hirvela judging
Indigo Egg! show results for the 11-14-09
Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association double show
White: Magic RB & 1st - Panzi Rsv Champion Featherleg & RV
Black:  Poppy BV & 2nd
Blue:  Cookie Monster RV & 2nd - Promise 2nd & BV - Tarzan 3 & 4
Splash:  Houdini 1st & RV - Pepper 1st & 1st - Pickle RV & 4th -
Tamali BV &
Buff: Butter RV & 1st - Wingnut BV & BV - Crusty 1st & RV
Partridge:  Gabriel 1st & 1st - Sierra RV & RV - Hissy Fit BV & BV
Blue Jersey Giant: Toni BB & BB   (first show in almost 2 years!)
A March '09 Jaz daughter owned by
Tina Cline of Riverside Poultry

Central Carolina Fair 9/09 BV,
Frindship Poultry Fanciers 10/09 RB
Carolina Feather Fanciers 11/09 BV BB

Congrats Tina and Sophie!!
Riverside Poultry link
I forgot to pick my ribbons up at the
show and look what I got in the mail! :)