March News
I can finally ship to most places!!  Busy busy busy...

My husband's saddle leather broke... He says I must have cut it.  For someone who had no use for
horse, he sure has come a long way.  He limped out to console Bunnie twice because SHE was so
upset and to tell her it wasn't her fault she stepped on him.

Stay tuned for goings on like the doggie fun zone....
Sassy and Beau running an obstacle course!
Check out more pics on my Rapscallion page.
Tater Chick
The ONE time I let her run out
of hay and water!!! I guess
she won't ever starve!!!
Tarzan's coop
Sparkle and Eeyore.  Eeyore is 3 years old and a grandson of the first Silkie I got from Alan. I just adore
his calm nature.  I have Sparkle and 2 of her sisters in with him right now.  Sparkle is the lightest.
Bella, a Gangsta daughter.
A Splash and Splah-Lavender from Trisha Kosut
She said she was getting more Lavender chicks this
month from somewhere else.  I'll have to remember that. :)
Cj sent these gorgeous pictures of these
6 mo old beauties from Kaminari and
Tallulah.  Thanks Cj!
Above and below are chicks that Brenda hatched
from eggs I sent in February.  Cute!!
Glenda Cunninghame sent these
below.  I Adore getting pictures of
my babies!!!!!!
Cathy from TN (tngamblergirl) sent me these and said they
brought such joy to her life!  I love to hear good news!
These are some cute shots of
5 week olds in my tack room.
These are a few of my
3 and 4 mo olds I need
to start advertising.
I'd love to just keep
them all!
"Hmmm... Who says
perched on the roll-out he
thinks he's much higher.  
He watches the girls from