APRIL 23, 2009  Bobbi,  Here it is--Akoya
taking Reserve Champion Featherleg
over 350 birds at the show in New
Braunfels on April 4, 2009.  (My son's
birthday--must be some real significance
At any rate, she looked gorgeous.  I got
rave reviews from all the bystanders, let
me tell you. And then, every silkie I
showed took BV except for my blue boy
who went RV.
My Mille D'Uccle boy Maxwell went
BV/BB as well.  He is a very handsome
When you consider they are all under 10
months of age, I think that is pretty
impressive, don't you ?
Thanks again for helping me bring some
really outstanding quality silkies to
Central Texas.  I was so proud and so
very thrilled with the results of my very
first show !!  All the best,  Mary Henderson
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9:59:29 A.M. Eastern Daylight
Time, Elite Paramed writes:
OMG!!!!!    OMG!!!!!!!
The Rascal son is
G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !!!!!  I am
*so* pleased!!!!  I am thinking
he might go to the Ohio State
Fair in August!  Makes me
which I had purchased the
pullet / hen with him!  Is she
still available?
And the chicks - OMG so
adorable!!!!!  You actually
sent me 7 - did you know
that?  The littlest one is a
HOOT.....runs circles around
the others!
They arrived safe and sound
with healthy appetites!  Of
course, food & water were
awaiting their arrival.
Thank you again!
Cheryl Hitchcock
Decided to name him Woody Roo; after a place
located in Ellington, FL; where some friends of
ours play on occasion. When we are in FL; we
follow the band The Caribbean Cowboy - Julian
& Dave are so sweet.  Here are some pictures that
were taken today. Woody Roo was super with my
grandchildren who just HAD to pet him. Cheryl
5/28/9 OMG! They're here already! We just took them out of the
box and I almost died they were so gorgeous!! I am amazed at
how beautiful they are. Stunning would be the best word!
Thank you so, so much! I'll send you photos soon and keep you
posted on our new showing endeavors!  - Janine
Connor (above) and Sassy went to live with
Christiana McKnight aka Kitty (minnimu).  I am
very lucky to have found such a wonderful
home for my beloved Silkies!  Kitty sent me the
cutest Easter 2009 card with this picture
A card from
my husband
With Lots
of Love
In the Big
Egg hunt
of life, I'm
glad I
found you.
Carol Wolf loves her Silkies from me.  
She says her Blue roo, Showman, that
she hatched from my eggs has won
BV, RB & BB at almost every show.  
She's gonna hatch more eggs! :)
This beautiful Silkie drawing was done by Alan Brown!
Oct 2009
What a great photo!!
Brandee sent this to me online
with a nice email about the
Silkie rooster she got from me
that won Ch Featherleg and Ch
Bantam of the whole show and
a hen won the Junior section!
Later I got this very nice clock
plaque as a gift!
Thank you!!!
And thanks so much for the
pictures!!  Priceless!!
Brandee said they decided to show my birds to see what quality they had and the judge loved them!
Amber is a homecoming queen and the Silkie is her date. He had a tie and they tried to spike his
hair.  They won 1st in the senior division.  Nika, the little cowgirl, was Annie Oakley and her Silkie
was Annie's dog that she used to shoot apples off of it's head.  The Silkie had a paper apple on it's
head and rode the mini horse the whole time!  Nika got 2nd in the Junior division.