How to purchase
Silkies and Orpingtons are my favorite breeds of chickens!!!  
Here is how to figure out how much shipping will cost and where to send payment.

Decide what you want...
Chicks and juvies are listed by hatch date and color on my P
oultry Available page

Figure how many chickens and shipping costs:
One adult single USPS approved shipping box will HOLD Silkies:
a minimum of 6 on up to 10 one month old chicks
or 5 two month old chicks
or possibly 3 three mo old juvies
or a pair of 4 month old Silkies on up to adult size

I can tape up to 3 boxes together to save on shipping
Whatever one box costs... the 2nd and 3rd boxes are half that amount.
For example if the shipping for one box costs $70, two taped together would be $105 and 3 taped together
would be $140.
 (This is subject to change.... I need to refigure)
I can always refund any overpayment of shipping if it is more than $5 over.  This is an estimate.
Below is the cost of shipping one
USPS approved box to your zone.
(includes the box)
Find the first 3 digits of your zipcode in
the chart to the right to determine your
I accept check or money order mailed to:
Bobbi Porto
1542 Piermaj Ln
Lutz, FL 33549-5744

or you may pay with (please include the 3% paypal fee) PayPal has blocked
friends and family payments because too many people used it to pay for Silkies. My paypal
address is
Please include what you are wanting WITH YOUR PAYMENT :) in the notes. (eggs, chicks,
adults, age, sex, quantity, color, breed...) and include your address, phone # for the box and
email address for automatic email of the tracking number from USPS when I ship. More info
on shipping and prices are on my CONTACT page in the reading on my site....
I sell 4 mo and older pairs (any color combination), straight run chicks or extra boys are
buy one boy, get one boy free when I have too many and need coop space. Availability is on
my for sale page.... may not be updated or complete, so ask.
Thanks so much! and have a blessed day! :)
Shipping prices go by
dimensions now.  
I will have to post new prices
for a single by zone soon.  No
shipping now anyways.
Right now I cannot ship
anything to ZIPcodes
90000-93599 due to
Newcastle in CA
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from an incubator problem.