The History of my Animal Addiction...
Below is Blondie... aka Blond Bombshell.  She is Pinki's
sister that I sold two doors down at my apt complex.  
She wanted to come back to play...
This is the infamous Pinki.... aka "Simply Irresistible".  She was the last
puppy born... She was closest to Tarradiddle's heart and stole mine from
day one.  She is from my first litter I ever raised.  I contacted Betty Harran
about a puppy and bought her Mom, TarBaby.  At 11 months of age I went
to a dog show in Ocala to meet her... and TarBaby heard her voice before I
that day with her brother taking 3 five point majors that weekend to his
Championship!!  I couldn't go wrong when I bred her to another dog of
Betty's that did the same thing... and got Pinki, Blondie, Crash, Vinnie, Baby
& Krystal  
I've been going through old things since my Mom passed.  I found this
picture of Pinki, Tar Baby and me in Mom's lake.
Me at 32
One of our first vacations together in 2000
The lake I grew up living on... Now my
old home is for sale.
My Dad with two
of my first dogs
14 and riding
horses all the
time. Burnt
hair and wild.
17 with my
parakeet Gym
The first house I built for
me and my dogs. I'm 39 here
I felt like I was 17 and free!
Pinki and Velvet and
their friend CatFat