Brooks Hansen send a nice email about the Best In Show hen he got from me as a chick.  He said the judge was very impressed and exclaimed she even beat the
bantams and that's hard to do in Utah!

George has so many awesome Silkies I just
couldn't quit staring ... Every one I picked, he'd say,
"Not yet".. but I didn't fuss.. I just left him a list.  I
husband didn't want to go anyway and he stayed
home to take care of the animals.  We had a
wonderful time site seeing and shopping with
Elena, and a scrumptious lunch at one of the
wineries.  I had to bring one of the recipes home...
George took us by the Paako houses next to his
and we ran into Marge Usery walking!  She freaked
when I told her who I was.  She showed us all her
Silkies and pictures of the Whites she got from me
for her daughter... and they are winning big time for
I think emails can be misleading.  If there is a problem with a purchase, you should pick up the phone and call.  Don't hide behind an email.  They can hurt
unintentionally.  Poor mental health can be very detrimental to everyone involved.  Think before you speak.  Be kind.  Everyone has something to deal with...
Life is not easy, but it's beautiful.  Let peace happen.  Make someone happy.... and you will be happy too...

A wonderful lady, Annika, has fallen in love with Silkies and has come again this year to pick up pet chicks for her kids.  Well, probably herself too.  She had
the fortunate experience to scare my goats and show her daughter how they faint... It's always a good belly laugh for me and they just stare at me after they
work out of it.. waiting on their treats.
Nick wants to be
quarterback next
year... He's only 13
and we just got him
a size 14 shoe!!!!!  
Good thing he's
such a great kid.
Isn't this a cool picture
of my husband, Sal?!  
A photographer took it
last year at the fair
where he was making
hand crafted benches
in Cracker Country.  
He gave the picture to
him this year.  I had it
Nov 5th - Sandi Space came to visit today.  What a lovely lady!  She brought me a cute chicken sculpture and alligator scutes and stuffed my goats
full of granola bars.  After a few hours of taking all kinds of pictures, she left with 5 Silkies and a big smile.  Here is a youtube and pictures she sent.
New Buff from Towmater and Red Pyle or Apricot... cute!!
Sandi took these
pictures while
she was here.
Email received Mar 19, 2009 after saying I had a few hundred chicks hatch in the last few weeks:  Silkies and Jersey Giants.
Obviously - you have some virile roosters strutting around the yard.  I love baby chicks - my Hazel thought she was a duck because that was what she was
raised with.....her first attempt to swim was frightening....I don't think she ever got over the disappointment.  But she grew up to be an excellent mommy and
HUGE.  I could call her and you would hear her feet hit the ground when she was running.  Carried her around like a baby.....
Nov/Dec 2008 - I sold all my Araucana bantams this year.  I had a fox that found a weak link in one of my runs.  I buried the wire in the run, but had
about a 3 inch spot where it had come up.  Lost 6 of my beautiful hens.  I never really got into raising them after that and when David Glover wanted
some girls, I told him I was selling out and he bought them.  I sill miss them, but it's just as well.  My Giant and Silkie population has increased.
January 2009 - I spent the first two weeks of my retirement sick in bed!!  My sister brought home a wicked flu from Georgia... The best thing about it was that I didn't have to call
in sick.  Luckily my husband took care of everything!  I feel like such a lucky lady!  I can't believe I don't have to work. 28 years of the US Postal Service-maybe it was worth it
Here is a cute Silkie I sold Marge Usery for her daughter and granddaughter Marilyn Uilk and
.  This pullet won 2008 RSV Bantam... 2008 State Fair CH of Show in Youth, RSV CH of show
Open and 2009 Denver Stock Show 1st White hen.  
Dec 2007 - George flew down and we went over every Silkie on my place.  What a great time we had.  He picked out 9 Whites for Alan's CA flock.  George
picked out Obediah for himself.   George is just as obsessed with Silkies as anyone I know.  We went over about 200 or more adults and babies and he
gave me so much information I am so grateful for. .
Here is my good
friend Julie Bachelor
with some of her
beauties and
These are the things that keep me raising
Silkies.  It is so hard to part with the ones
you raise from babies, but when they get to
another home where they are loved just as
much, it always feels right.
And as one
leaves, another
shows up.  Here is
an awesome boy
Alan sent to me
today.  His name
is Kaminari, which
means Thunder.
I'm going to name
the first boy I keep
from him
ThunderPants. :)
Feb 2009 - Alan Stanford of
came to our Florida State Fair again this year.  Doris
Robinson (youth APA lady) has the name Stanford in her
family tree and they might be related way back!  
Alan told Doris that he won't be back next year unless I
promise to show... So I guess I'll be showing next year!  Alan
and I go over every feathered thing in my coops and tack
room.  We make a whole morning of it... Then we go to the fair
and look at all the birds there... and have Pork Butt on a stick
and a Skinny Latte'... and then some Morgan's Fudge!!  My
husband is usually at Cracker Country making benches will
Nick is cracking his bull whip.  
I had the pleasure of introducing Vickie Harry (Sunshine
Silkies) and her husband to Alan.  They came to purchase
Silkies while he was here.  She chose Blues and her
husband chose Splash.  Very nice visit with all of them!!
George Mihalik and his lovely family.
2008 - LIve well
somehow was lost by the sitebuilder.
Including Achmed, the handsome Splash to
the right.