February-March 2011 at Indigo Egg!
Sandy's new cuties, Rose and Sadie
Lots of cuteness on this page!!! KeyLee, Snuggles, Amber
the light Splash
Her little brother
PAINT Silkie girl I am offering for sale on bidbirdauctions.com  I am hoping that someone working on this color will bid and buy her.  She is stunning!!
I also listed her little brother that is cute as can be.  I am not working on this color, but might later on... No room right now.
This beautiful pair is owned by
Michelle R. now.
Porcelain beauties I just sent to Tina C.  Thanks so much for the cute pictures!!!!
Look at this 4 mo old boy's hair-do!
Aren't those silver locks crazy!?  
This cute Calico that is split for
Lavender is FULL of energy!
Here are two very COOL DUDES!!  Austin and Samsom.  
I believe we have another
dedicated Silkie lady here.
This is Stevie and her new
Silkie flock. Beautiful!!
"I think my diet is working!" (Scrooge son)
And I love the trim job so he can see!!!
Porcelain that I took to Arcadia-BV
Sophie updated pic from Tina :)
She won Reserve Breed at a
show on 5-2011
Lexi and Priscilla winning
Champion Featherleg!!
Great job Lexi!!
Alexis has a couple more wins!!