Sal named this one Scrabble because he
couldn't remember what kind of chicken he was.
Jujubee with Lady Marmalade, GuichieGuichie and Moulin Rouge.  Sadly I have downsized and only have Chocolate Cuckoo and Crele now...
Eggs and chicks available to
order in
Crele & Chocolate Cuckoo
$55 for a dozen eggs
plus 20 for shipping
3 week old chicks are $30 each
straight run.
Started 2 mo old chicks are $50
Sometimes I have specials on
A wonderful early
Christmas present all
the way from my
Silkie friend in
France... Oh! and my
husband made this
pie for Thanksgiving
.. yum :)
Thor above and Loki below as cockerels.
Thor won Champion Large Fowl at the
Central Florida Poultry Breeders show 2014
A son of Loki just won SUPER GRAND
CHAMPION OF SHOW at the Orange
Blossom Classic, owned and shown by Tori
Scott!  Congratulations!!!
Tori raises them now.  I sold all I had to her.