Indigo Egg news for November/December 2010 & Jan 2011
Check out all the fun :)
Alejandro (a Gangsta son) and his girls
Cheyenne did a fantastic job with her
Silkies in Juniors (about 100 Juniors!!) on
Oct 30th with Athena, a Black she got in
June... in Morgantown, NC. She also had
other wins with a few others...
Katie had two exciting wins with a Blue Jazz son and a Splash Windigo son at the Fort Worth Stock show.  
She also did well with one of her own Lavender boys!  Way to go!!  Her site is
To the left... Winning
Reserve Ch Featherleg
with a cuuuute Splash.
It's always great to find out your Silkies are loved!!
To the left, one of my
Giant boys with his
harrem at his new home.
You can click the picture below to see a movie of it... or click here to see the
video.  Aren't they cute!!?  These are my 3 to 5 mo olds... A few are 6 and 7
months and I can't wait to see what they'll prduce.
Trisha got this beautiful boy!
A Lavender Split boy I can't
wait to find girlfriends for. :)
I had a lot of fun raising these cuties.  If any catch
your eye, I have plenty of chicks that will grow up
anytime at
Kari, Kayla, Brady, Logan