December 2009 - Christmas is here!!  
Natalie writes:
Hi, I want you to know how
much I love that boy,
Furgus.  Seriously, you sold
him to someone who thinks
he is perfect in every way.  I
have about 40 chicks that
are in one of the stalls in the
daytime.  I would never let an
adult Cochin in with them,
but "Furgus is perfect". So, I
let him out all day in with a
bunch of incubator hatched
chicks and he was so good.  
He never even looked at
them twice.  
Furgus is adored.  I hope
that he lives a very long and
happy "rest of his life" here.  
I am so happy and it was the
best money I have ever
spent on a chicken
(although, I am infatuated
with "My Chicken" which is
running in a tie to Furgus).  I
have over 300 chickens and
Furgus and My Chicken
reign.  Thanks again, what a
great match!  
"My Chicken" from Chickadee
"Furgus" at home just before going to CA
I got this picture the week
before Christmas 2009.
A wonderful picture of little
Furgus babies!!
I want some! :)
Janine Jenzano's two
Jack & Jonothan
with their first Splash pair
Henri & Claudette.
They also got a Blue
pair, Victor and Rose.

Claudette and Rose
both got RVs
at their
1st showing!!
Great job prepping and
I'm so glad you did get to
show them.  
Marie Martin shared the pictures of this hunk of a Silkie boy Aug 2010, but that page was full... :)  He hatched in
Nov '09 so he's about 9 months here.  His Dad is Pepper.  He's really an awesome guy!!  His parents were all
smokey colored Splash...hmmmm I bet he has the Lavender gene... Hope so!  All I can say is Wow!!