4 1/2 months old.  
hatched April 24th.
Band# 1 pink
Black rooster/
9 1/2 months old
Black rooster from Ronnie's Winning Black rooster and my winning Black
hen, Shady.
He was sold to Jennifer Greer.
His two brothers I'm keeping are just as nice!
Here are a couple of 6 month
old Blue roosters.  They are
molting and have cut necks in
this picture, but not now that they
are grown.  Check out the
excellent color!!!  Nice big boys
that are about 10 or 12 pounds
at 6 months of age.  Mack is in
the back.  He lives on a farm in
New Jersey now.  I have his son
"Serious Black"... Ronnie's Black rooster and old hen
5 1/2 months old
Hatched March 28th, nice tail, handsome face.
He won Ch American at 6 mo old and so has his brother, Mother, Aunt and Dad!
5 months old - starting to turn out really nice!!
Heads very nice!
"Is dinner ready yet?"
"Got any goodies in there?"
6 months old
Blue Jersey Giants