Cool Splash boy from April Henry to
Michelle Coakly Stockmaster
Brandy Gore's new kids.
The SG boy is from Dawn
Chicks Dawn picked up while she was here to get Mallarkey, below.
Cheyenne's showmanship boy
This picture is from Elana
From Marie Vickrey
From John Lawless - I think we
have a new Silkie lover here!! She
took them to show and tell :)
Michele P
Lindsey and Blue and a Happy Chicken family!
I had a great visit with Lindsey and I believe we have another Silkie enthusiast!!
P Blake's Elvis and Pricilla
Sensational Silkies!!
From Michelle Coakley
Gator from Monique - Tropical chickens
Habanero's Mom & Dad
9 Habanero and 9 Woody babies
Rossco and
Rosita to the
right... I sold
them to Jen
Ross at the
beginning of
summer and
couldn't ship.
They missed the
show so I
refunded and
kept them.  So
we have Ross
names :)  He is a
son of Thor!
The Beardsley's girls winnings!!  The
Splash is a Houdini daughter
Merlin's Beard 9/2012
Aug 24th hatch tub 3