April, May, June, July 2011
Talk about having fun with
chickens!!!  These pictures are just
too cool!!
Just got these pictures of
Amber, Coco, Izzy, Puff, Snuggles and
their playmates :)  from Kim P.
News Flash!  Larry K called 8-3-11 to
say the kid :) won Best Fancy Trio and
Best Rooster with his Whites.  
Congrats!  Waiting on a picture!
Shelby S. just updated me about the
fair this year.  Her Silkie rooster won
Champion Bantam, but the call ducks
won best overall.. She says that's OK.  
I say it's fantastic!  The judge, Dr
Patterson who is also a Silkie breeder,
said her hens were nice, but the
rooster was fantastic.
Khalid from Kuwait ordered a bunch
more eggs.  Can't wait to hear how
they hatch... Hope they do well!!  He
wanted almost every color this time.
In July, Kari Rice Jones updated me
on thier county fair.  Said everyone
loved my Jersey Giants.  Austin won
the American Class with a hen from
the March hatch and the judge said
the Rooster would have won th whole
show if he'd been in a bit better
condition.... The judge also said they
would show very well when they
mature... so they are gearing up for
the state fair!  Good luck!  Send pics!