I'll be updating this site with pictures of birds for sale soon...
but feel free to contact me....  There are lots of Silkies and
other critters to play with here, so sometimes the computer
work gets put on the back burner.  Have a Happy Day!!
Our coops vary in design, but most of our Silkies are in 1/2" X 1/2' wire framed wood.  
Wire is buried down a foot and back out a foot or so in case something digs ... it will hit
wire.  We use white builder's sand covered with pine shavings, a dish pan or box for the
nest box and a 2" perch about 6 inches off of the ground.  Auto waters in most.  
Hanging feeders... locking hook and eyes on the doors also wood pieces.
Ummmm  I wrote the above years
ago... Maybe when I downsize I'll be
able to do this!! :)