Crossroads Poultry Show in Indiana... The Silkie section
George's Best of Breed
Vickie, George, Me
Vickie winning BV Splash
Coal went to Belinda from Crossroads
Cream Puff-Rsv Champion AOV
Vickie winning Ch Bantam at Inverness
with her white Silkie Cockerel and I won
Reserve Breed with a Splash pullet
A few cute Buffs I traded
some Blacks for from Cindy P
Click here to view several youtube
videos of Crossroads Poultry Show ...
There were way too many
pictures to post, so please
check out the video at the
top of the page... and
search Bobbi Porto videos
on youtube to view more... I
got nearly the whole
Crossroads building in them
and all the Silkies shown...
Alan showed up for a bit!
Marty picking her up off of
the floor. :)
My only Cuckoo so
far, Koko Puff
Cheyenne after Silkie
showmanship judged by George.
Aimee's RB pullet
Marge and Ed Best
Judy Lee, George, Letisha (Ch AOV) & Vickie
Josh and Jonathan.
Gilda's Pearl--wowsa!
Judy Lee's Paint BV!
Coal crowing